Join Us

If you like the policies and direction of Tranzition, then please become a financial member and help us get the 500 members required to become a registered political party in New Zealand.

The membership fee is $15.00 and is for three (3) years.

To join:

  1. Print and complete an application form.
  2. Pay the $15.00 application fee into the account number on the form. (NOTE: this will be refunded if the party doesn't get the necessary 500 members to become registered.)
  3. Email a digital photo / scan of your completed and signed form to or send via post to the address on the form.

You will be notified regarding your membership status when your application form and payment is received.

Thank you for your support.

The fees received will enable Tranzition to become registered and submit a party list of candidates at the 2017 elections.

To register a political party in New Zealand you need...

  • the name of the party secretary and their postal address
  • an acceptable party name (and any abbreviation)
  • satisfactory evidence of at least 500 current financial members who are eligible to enrol
  • statutory declarations from the party secretary regarding membership evidence, the party’s intention to contest general elections and component parties
  • party membership and candidate selection rules (if the rules are not provided with the application they must be provided within one month of registration)
  • consent from the auditor appointed by the party to their appointment
  • payment of an application fee of $500.

As well as the $500 application fee, it costs $1000 to submit a party 'List' of candidates and $300 per 'Electorate Candidate'.

Although ambitious, Tranzition hopes to have a candidate standing in all 71 electorates in New Zealand.

It's time for ordinary New Zealanders to take the reins.

So if you'd like to be involved, whether as a candidate, party secretary, membership manager, auditor (must be a chartered accountant), webmaster, social media expert, campaign manager etc., then please join now!